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7 OCTOBER 2014—



Free! Sunday 1 February 2015, 3.00pm-9.00pm

Sunday 1 February 2015, 3.00pm-9.00pm

THAT’S IT. On 1 February, MPavilion is closing for this season. And we’re celebrating our last Sunday the same way we’ve celebrated every other Sunday—with a FREE MMusic gig incorporating cool tunes, cooler drinks, strong vibes, baked goods, and coffee available to anyone who needs it. Plus, at this special ‘FIN’ edition, we’re staying ’til late. 

3:30pm - Etta & Tilly
4:30pm - Perfume Production
6:00pm - iiWii
7:00pmSui Zhen
7:35pmMisty Nights
8:30pmThe Harpoons


The Harpoons
Harpoons are a four-piece who make confessional, instrumentally spare RnB. Intertwining male and female voice into complex knits of harmony, looking forward into the future just as much as they look into the past. Making something lovelorn and beautiful that’s from every time.

Smile are five men with instruments and a whiff of irony to their band name reflecting on big decisions and making the kind of jangle pop that can move quite fast or crawl real slow. Kind of like life.

Two-piece Superstar create immense spaces out of guitar and synth while a metronomic drum machine quietly keeps time. Cathedral-like settings in which languid, debauched feelings float like airborne lanterns.

Sui Zhen
Sui Zhen takes the tropical beachside tones of a Balaeric summer and adds a pastel-coloured internet sheen and hints of Japanese aesthetics. Digital dreams and real-life nights sitting just adjacent to pop.


Etta & Tilly
Any two people capable enough to hold the chaos of the Meredith Music Festival together as recipients of a vaunted interstitial DJ slot are going to have any party in good hands.

Perfume Production
The two-piece may not have a record just yet but they sure have supported Tornado Wallace, Roland Tings and more. A rich, heady fragrance of femininity and industry.

The name means ‘it is what it is’. So what is it? At this particular MMusic event it will be the Conrad Standish (Standish/Carlyon) half of the DJ-based performance duo drawing from a record box as weird as it is deep.

Misty Nights
DJs Danny Hotep and Salmon Barrel simply haven’t stopped moving themselves or other people’s feet for the last two years. Broadcasting nocturnal disco emissions playing wherever duty calls them—including the sunrise Saturday set at Meredith. At this particular MMusic event, Hotep will represent.

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