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7 OCTOBER 2014—

MTalks / Cathedrals of Culture presents ‘Distraction and recognition’

Free! Tuesday 28 October 2014, 6.30pm-7.30pm presents ‘Distraction and recognition’

London Zoo’s penguin pool, designed by Berthold Lubetkin

Tuesday 28 October 2014, 6.30pm-7.30pm

Presented by, this discussion will look at the themes prevalent in the film Cathedrals of Culture—a screening collaboration between ACMI and MPavilion in November—and will deliberate on the narrative that is created by our interaction with spaces we know all too well. The twentieth-century German philosopher Walter Benjamin described the functioning of architecture as something that is consummated by “the collectivity in a state of distraction”, and this panel—of multidisciplinary artist Callum Morton, architects Aaron Roberts and Kristin Green, and visual artist Marnie Edmiston—will focus on how the perception of our environment is often only a thin veil of the real space. In places we call ‘home’, our perception is regularly taken over by habit, and the recognition of the depth and importance of such environments is all too often considerably diminished.