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7 OCTOBER 2014—

Cathedrals of Culture presents ‘Psychogeographical: A Melbourne dérive’ self-guided walk

Free! All day, every day presents ‘Psychogeographical: A Melbourne dérive’ self-guided walk

Psychogeographical map printed by Dawn Press.

All day, every day

‘Psychogeographical: A Melbourne dérive’ is a self-guided audio exploration. A trip on which to discover the unknown stories of familiar places. Created by in collaboration with a group of Melbourne-based emerging writers, the tour is designed to flow on from ACMI’s Cathedrals of Culture screenings. It takes the form of a narrated audio stream complemented by a psychogeographical map—offering an ‘urban dérive’ between ACMI and MPavilion. Also known as an “unplanned journey through a landscape”, this particular dérive invites you to experience a well-known stretch of Melbourne via a new, multi-dimensional narrative. Pick up a map at MPavilion or ACMI and hit play on the audio below when you’re ready to explore.